Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my it's been a while

Christmas season is always so hectic! But this year was amazing. I spent a whopping TWO weeks with my family and it was wonderful. But, by the time the two weeks was up I was ready to get home.
We went to Grove Park Inn with the girls (Mom, Grammy, little cousies) and had a blast!

There was snow everywhere and we got to spend some quality girl time.
So I am obsessed with stumbleupon.com and came across the photo.... this is my dream for my future house:

For anyone that knows me well, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and want a big library room in my house when I grow up. This is so fun and private, I love it.
We got lucky and got some pretty snow in G ville, ON CHRISTMAS DAY! That's unheard of I think, here is what our house looked like:

So I have been all over the place for the past few weeks, in Cola starting a new job at Tin Roof that I am absolutely loving and in Greenville spending lots of family time. My car died, I started driving the Paula-mobile and then last night HER car died. Last night I was bawling crying in "Sandy's Hot Dogs" begging Sarah and Jake to come save me. Thanks for that say say :)

I am super excited for tonight because someone is coming down to visit, haha. secrets secrets. And we are doing dinner and drinks with Robyn and Karl. I can't wait! Now to find something to wear.... ahhhh.

Happy New Year to everyone. My new years resolution is simple, graduate from college and get a good job in a fun city and get myself settled. :) No biggie.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas cookies

Lately I have been quite the homebody. Half because I am broke, and half because I like it. So last night Lauren and I watched "Going the Distance" for the second time in 2 days because its THAT GOOD. Then we weren't tired so we went to the grocery store to get ingredients to make home-made cookies.

We ended up getting sparkling pink champagne, just because :)
After lots of mixing and measuring and stirring we got this...

Lauren remembered that her grandma gave her Christmas shaped cookie cutters, PERFECT!
So we made over 60 cookies and it was SO fun, I'll leave you with some examples of our work.

A bell quickly turned into Darth Vadar and we got this... "Jesus, I am your fathaaaa"

Only Lauren and I could make holiday cookies dirty :)

We gave these to our 3 favorite neighbors in our neighborhood!
Then since I just quit my job I am BROKE so we went to the dollar store to get the cookie tins and some lunch (Save $ Snacks Chips and some 90 cent pasta) We decided to take a ride on the.... whatever that thing is. We didn't turn it on though... too expensive!

So we have had a really fun day so far. Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

amazing at procrastination

So I have a paper and an online test to do before this semester is over but I CANNOT seem to force myself to do either. Instead I have been sitting in my room watching Barbara Walters and listening to Taylor Swift. (who I adore)

My car officially bit the dust yesterday so I met my mom half way today with my dad, who was driving through from Charleston. I am the proud TEMPORARY owner of the paula-mobile. Mom keeps saying I can just have her car and she will get a new one but I just don't think so. Newly graduated, new career (hopefully), new life. I need a new car to go along with it.

Today our property management company came by for a check up on the house and we "don't" have any pets so we had to hide them all. Donatello, the cat, went to Lauren's boyfriends. Sadie, the dog, went to Karen's boyfriends. Daniel, my dear rabbit was supposed to just hide out in the car for 20 minutes or so while the lady was here but she came 45 minutes early!! AHHH.

So when she walked in I said, "Oh, I am babysitting my boyfriend's rabbit, so if you see him running around don't worry."
Really Amber, thats the best I could come up with?! I know...
So she said, "Ugh, I don't know why anyone would EVER want a rabbit." and I had to play along so I said, "Gah, me either. He is so annoying"

SORRY DANIEL. I don't mean it. Promise.

So, I finally have a car I am going to go to Tripps tomorrow and see if I can get a day time job. My hope is that lots of nice young business men will come in wanting to get their clothes dry cleaned and of course they will meet me and want to marry me. HAHA. Just kidding. I just need some money.

Pray that I can maybe hopefully get a new car in the next couple weeks. Would be wonderful.

I'll leave with a few pictures of how I spent my weekend pre-car drama :)

eating oysters at Jake's 30th b-day, so yummy!

so karen and i saw that the neighbors across the street were throwing away a christmas tree. (before christmas?) so we waiting until all the neighbors were at work and ran over and inspected it. PERFECT CONDITION.
So we brought it home, plugged it in, (lights were already on) and it is awesome. If that isn't college ghetto I don't know what is. Oh well :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can't wait to go home and see all of my family and friends in Greenville.

Monday, December 6, 2010

a series of unfortunate, yet hilarious, events

So, apparently I made a blog in Journalism 202 that I forgot about and here we are. I love reading other people's blogs so I thought I'd give it a shot. Sometimes I think my life is entertaining? We'll see.

Quick weekend recap:
- Jake turned 30 (I just tried to do caps lock on numbers to make them important and big?) so Sarah threw him a surprise birthday party which was SO fun. Unfortunately I had to leave early to go to work at Rockaway. So, I get there and we are SO dead, like everyone is in Atlanta. Long story short I don't see a table that sat in my section and the drunk owner gets mad at me and tells me to go home and that I am fired because I am "not doing shit." Oops.

So, I go back to Sarah's end up having a BLAST and got my job back the next day :)

BUT, having a blast also means not charging my cell phone all night and leaving my over-heated car in the B.P. parking lot on Forest Drive.

I got my friend to drive me to my car that morning and attempted to drive it to Robyn and Faith's house to go check on Bullet and Baby but... OF COURSE it overheated two blocks from their house in the middle of the road. (Not to mention I am still in my Rockaway shirt from work the night before) So I am too embarrassed to ask for help at the church RIGHT beside the broken down car...mainly because I don't want them to think I am a terrible person for being in last night's clothes on a Sunday. So I leave my car in the middle of Woodrow and walk to Robyn's. Go to the neighbor's, whom I have never met, ask for a ride to my car to see if it's cooled down. It has. WHEW.

I drive my car to Rockaway, a few blocks away. Keep in mind I got fired the night before. Instead of getting help with my car I am forced to go talk to my boss in the back about how I need to be on my P's and Q's.

Luckily my friend Leeza let me take her car to my house to get a cell phone charger, change of clothes, etc. On the way there I got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. HAHAHAHA. I know.

So this is a long blog post I feel like but it's funny. That is my life. Currently I am stuck at my house for the next two days until my car is fixed. Shout out to R. Clark for going to I- Hop with my tonight. Even if you were already on your sleep meds and stressing me out with your driving and lazy eyes (JK about the eye part)

This should be fun. I'll practice posting pictures and stuff too. For now I'll leave you with a picture of me and my main man. Daniel.